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Language courses – Dutch as a second language
Utile Dulci T&C language courses are characterized by a combination of practically-oriented education and an informal training style. The emphasis in the courses is on oral training. Besides this, additional material is offered to train oneself with the Dutch language (reading, listening and writing). A double learning benefit is created due to the informal practical situations: Learning in a playful way combines the useful with the enjoyable.

Utile Dulci T&C language tuition can take place on an individual base or in groups, as desired.

For private lessons or group courses for a max of six persons, you can contact Utile Dulci T&C. The participants should have the same starting level, learning purpose and learning speed.

For organizations in-company training can be arranged, in which the material can be tailored to your company situation.

Subscription to the courses that are mentioned below, is possible after a brief personal conversation (for free and without obligations). Contact us to make an appointment.